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All of you Santos supporters are our guests to join the flight SFC1912 and relive exciting stories from Santos Futebol Clube throughout this new season.


With an exciting narrative, we prepared a trip through time and around the world to show the greatness of the first team to play on all continents. An achievement that reflects on its identity off the field to this day and brings together unforgettable characters in the history of football, most of which originated at the sacred Vila Belmiro.


Enhancing its global strength, we remember several moments of its existence in addition to trophies and great matches. Among them was the well-known chapter in which a war was interrupted for the people of Nigeria to honor the departure of the squad led by Pelé. Reference team of the Athlete of the Century, Santos brings out a pride that supporters know very well and that not every football fan can have.


In 2022, we will rescue, through exclusive content on this platform, the relevance of different periods of the “Alvinegro” (black and white) worldwide and continue on this path to glory.

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