1987 – Marseille City Tournament (France) On a quick tour to France in 1987, Santos played a tournament in France, more precisely in the city of Marseille. The Marseille City Tournament was attended by two French teams and two other guests. Alvinegro Praiano won both games, and took the cup. 07/12/1987 – Olympique/FRA 0 x 1 Santos Goal: Luisinho in the 43rd time. Stadium: Velodrome Stadium in Marseille, France. Santos: Rodolfo Rodriguez, Ijuí (Luisinho), Nildo, Toninho Carlos and Claudinho; César Sampaio, Hugo de León and Mendonça; Osvaldo (Celso), Luis Carlos and Arizinho. Coach: Candinho Olympique: Bell; Bassi, Falls, Lovits and Ayache; Domelque, De la Montanha, Afeus and Papin; Allos and (Not informed). (Dialeau and Silislowski entered).


1983 – Pamplona City Tournament (Spain) In 1983, Santos played and won the Pamplona City Tournament, held in Pamplona, Spain. Alvinegro beat two Spanish teams to win the title. At the time, the Santos captain, Gilberto, received the cup from the hands of the mayor of the city, Julian Balduz. 08/26/1983 – Osasuña-ESP 1 x 2 Santos Goals: Paulo Isidoro and João Paulo; It’s Mr. Purroy. Stadium: Al Sadar Stadium in Pamplona, Spain. Public: approximately 15,000 Referee: Martin Lopes Santos: Marola; Concrete, Pagani, Fernandes (Paulo Robson) and Gilberto; Dema, Paul Isidoro, Pita; Lino (Serginho II), Serginho and João Paulo. Osasuna: Blurrum; Machua, Castaneda, Lecumberry (Mina) and Purroy; Lumbreras, Ripodas and Candido; Echeverria, Julio and Martin.


1968 – Recopa Champion (Italy) The Recopa was created in the end of 1967, from the idea of bringing together clubs that had established themselves interclub world champions. Until then, Real Madrid (champion 1960), Peñarol-URU (champion 1961 and 1966), Santos FC (champion 1962 and 1963), Inter Milan (1964 and 1965) and Racing-ARG (champion 1967) were fit for the competition. The competition was divided into two phases: South American and European, and the champions of each stage would face each other. Santos was the champion of the South American Stage, and went to face Internazionale de Milan, as Real Madrid gave up the match, leaving the Italian team as the sole representative of Europe. The first match between Santos and Internazionale was held on June 24th, 1969, with victory of the Santos team. The second match would be held in Brazil, but it never happened, as the Italian team claimed lack of dates, even with Alvinegro proposing the return game in Naples. According to reports at the time, Inter did not want to play the second game because they believed they would not be able to win. With the conquest of this great title, Santos won the nickname of Champion of World Champions. 06/24/1969 – Internazionale de Milan 0 x 1 Santos Goal: Toninho Guerreiro at 11min of the second half. Stadium: San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy. Public: 44,774 Income: estimated at $200,000 (800,000 new cruises) Referee: Ortiz de Mendíbil (Spain) Internazionale: Bordon; Burgnich, Guarnieri, Cella and Poli; Bedin and Mazzola; Jair da Costa, Domenghini, Corso and Vastola. Coach: Maino Neri Santos: Claudius (Laércio); Carlos Alberto, Ramos Delgado, Djalma Dias and Rildo; Clodoaldo and Negreiros; Toninho, Edu, Pelé, Abel. Coach: Antoninho.


1967 – Triangular Tournament of Rome/Florence (Italy) After a grand tour through Africa in 1967, Santos landed on the European continent for six more games. Among them was the dispute of the Triangular of Rome/Florence. Alvinegro played two matches, facing the house team. Tie with Fiorentina-ITA and victory against Roma-ITA, in the middle of the Olympic Stadium. With both results, Santos took the title and took another Cup to Vila Belmiro.   29/06/1967 – Roma-ITA 1 x 3 Santos Goals: Toninho at 9min and Pelé in the 42nd minute of the first half; Barzon at 3:00 and Rildo 34 minutes into the second time. Stadium: Olympic Stadium in Rome, Italy. Public: approximately 35,000 Referee: Mário Bernardis Rome: Pizzamala (Ginulfi); Carpenetti, Oliveri, Sensibilli and Losi; Ossola and Colaussig; Peiró, Barizon, Carpanelli and Russo. Saints: Claudius; Carlos Alberto (Buglê), Joel Camargo, Orlando (Oberdan) and Geraldino (Rildo); Clodoaldo and Lima; Wilson (Edu), Toninho (Coutinho), Pelé and Abel (Pepe). Coach: Antoninho. 1967 – Winner of the Blue Ribbon of Brazilian Football (11 undefeated games) (Italy) The Blue Ribbon was a title of honor awarded first by CBD (predecessor of the CBF) and then by the newspaper A Gazeta Esportiva to Brazilian clubs returning to the country undefeated after excursions abroad. In the 1967 tour, Santos finished undefeated with 10 wins in 11 games, passing through two continents (Africa and Europe) and visiting seven countries (Senegal, Gabon, Republic of congo, Democratic Republic of congo, Ivory Coast, Germany and Italy), earning the right to receive the Blue Ribbon of Football.


1962 – Interclub World Champion (Portugal) By being Champion of the Libertadores Cup of America in the same year, the Santos team guaranteed participation in the most important interclub tournament in the world, and showed in fact, its superiority in the world. In the second game of the grand final, Santos starred in one of the greatest shows in the history of football. Chronicles of the time claim, that it was the greatest performance of King Pelé in his career, where he scored three goals and gave one pass to another, in the middle of Estádio da Luz, in Lisbon.   10/11/1962 – Benfica/POR 2 x 5 Santos Goals: Pelé at 17min and 27min of the first half; Coutinho at 3min, Pelé in the 20th minute, Pepe at 32min, Eusébio at 41min and Simões in the 44th minute of the second half. Stadium: Estádio da Luz, in Lisbon, Portugal. Public: approximately 73,000 Referee: Pierre Schinter (France) Santos: Gylmar; Olavo, Mauro, Calvet and Dalmo; Zito and Lima; Dorval, Coutinho, Pelé and Pepe. Coach: Lula Benfica: Costa Pereira; Humberto, Raul and Cruz; Cavem and Jacinto, José Augusto, Santana, Eusebio, Coluna and Simões. Coach: Fernando Riera.


1961 – Champion of the Paris Tournament for the second time (France) For the second time, Santos won the Paris International Tournament, after thrashing Benfica by 6×3 on another of their great European tours.   06/15/1961 – Santos 6 x 3 Benfica-POR Goals: Pelé [2], Pepe [2], Coutinho and Lima; Eusebio [3] Stadium: Parc des Princes Stadium in Paris, France. Public: 36,364 Referee: Pierre Achinte Santos: Laércio; Mauro and Décio Brito; Getúlio, Brandão and Lima; Dorval, Mengálvio, Coutinho, Pelé and Pepe. Benfica: Baroque; João, Angelo (Mendes) and Germano; Neto and Cruz; José Augusto, Santana (Eusebio), Águas, Coluna and Cavem. 1961 – Italy (Italy) In the 1961 Tour through Europe, Santos also played in the Italy Tournament. The competition was composed by four Italian teams and four other guests from different countries. Divided into two groups, each team played two games, and the champions of each group faced each other in the final. Santos won the title after winning their three games with some ease, all against Italian teams. 06/24/1961 – Internazionale-ITA 1 x 4 Santos Goals: Pepe in the 7th minute, Bolchi in the 25th minute and Coutinho in the 35th minute of the first half; Pepe at 6and Pelé at 43 minutes of the second half. Stadium: Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, known as San Siro, in Milan, Italy. Public: 110,000 Referee: Gambarrotta (Italy) Santos: Laércio; Mauro and Décio Brito; Getulio, Lima and Dalmo; Dorval, Mengálvio (Zito), Coutinho, Pelé and Pepe. Coach: Lula Internazionale: Da Pozzo (Bandoni); Guarnieri and Masiero; Picchi, Bolchi and Balleri; Bicicli, Lindskog, Hitchens, Suarez and Corso.

Special Uniform

Invited by Sevilla FC to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the city of Sevilla, Santos FC went to Spain, coached by Pepe, the Canhão da Vila, and prepared a special uniform for the ocasion. The Santos team entered the field with a special black jersey, with white collars and sides. The uniform was produced exclusively for this match, and was never used again. The game was the 16th presentation of Peixe in the Spanish territory, and Alvinegro da Vila Belmiro did not disappoint, keeping the glorious Santos traditions on European grounds. Over 32 thousand people present saw the Santos team dominate Sevilla and win by 1-0, with a goal from Rubens Feijão. With the triumph, Peixe took home the “City of Sevilla Trophy”. Pita, the man of the match Santos arrived in Sevilla on the eve of the match, after traveling for more than 24 hours, and overcame all the fatigue to present a beautiful match for the Spanish people. The Santos team dominated the home team from the first minutes of the match, and scored the winning goal at the 37th minute, through Rubens Feijão. Clearly, Santos had the advantage against the hosts, with quick touches and exploiting the sides of the field In the second half, already in advantage, Santos slowed down for all the fatigue, and left the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium under applauses, living up to the Santos tradition in Europe. Match Stats: 14/10/1980 – Sevilla FC 0 x 1 Santos FC Stadium: Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan – Sevilla (ESP) Competição: Troféu Cidade de Sevilla (75th anniversary of Sevilla FC) Public: 32.000 Income: 32 milhões de pesetas Referee: Damín Rendón (ESP) Goals: Rubens Feijão at 37’.Santos: Marolla; Nelsinho Batista, Joãozinho, Neto and Washington; Toninho Vieira, Rubens Feijão and Pita; Claudinho (Carlos Silva), Campos and João Paulo. Coach: Pepe Sevilla: Paéz; Blanco, Alvaréz and Sanjose; Rivas (Mimo) and Choya; Antonito, Juan Carlos, Joaquim, Ruda and Yuvi  (Murúa).

The unbelievable first tour across Europe

Tickets for Santos’ first match on European grounds sold out two days before the show. On May 23, 1959, a Saturday, more than 50 thousand people packed the Levsky Sofia Stadium, in Sofia, Bulgaria, to watch the magnificent Brazilian team. Their debut opponent was Bulgaria’s B team. The Santos squad was the sensation of world soccer. No less than three world champion athletes with the Brazilian National Team in the 1958 World Cup – Pelé, Pepe and Zito – were part of the Santos squad. The heavy rain that fell on the city of Sofia did not discourage the players. Even though they had to play on a drenched field, the forwards showed their willingness and drove the crowd wild with an electrifying 3-3 draw. Pelé scored the first goal of the match at only 15’. Four minutes later, Pavão scored against for the Bulgarian national team. The King again left his mark and put Peixe ahead at 36’, but Jordanov tied the match again three minutes later, ending the first half at 2-2. In the 20th minute of the final half Jordanov scored once again and put the hosts in the lead. The Bulgarians led the scoring by just three minutes, as at 23 Pepe, from a penalty, tied the match and thus ended Santos’ debut in Europe. Our captain, Zito was injured and did not play on this debut, and coach Lula decided on the following lineup: Laércio, Pavão and Mourão; Getúlio, Álvaro and Fioti; Dorval, Afonsinho (Pagão), Coutinho (Alfredinho), Pelé and Pepe. Goal after goal Altogether, Santos played 21 more matches, in nine European countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland, and twenty cities: Sofia, Liege, Brussels, Ghent, Groningen, Milan, Dusseldorf, Nuremberg, Geneva, Hamburg, Hannover, Enschede, Madrid, Lisbon, La Coruña, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Genoa, Vienna and Sevilla. In some countries, the Santos team played matches one day after another, facing and thrashing great European teams in just over a month. At Camp Nou, they took no notice of the strong Barcelona team, and thrashed 5-1. Dorval and Pelé scored two goals each and Coutinho scored one more. The Brazilian Evaristo de Macedo scored the consolation goal for the Spanish team. During the tour, Santos won two trophies, Valencia and Teresa Herrera. To win the Valencia Tournament, they drew 4-4 with the home team, Valencia, and ran over Internazionale Milano by 7-1. For the Teresa Herrera Trophy, Santos also thrashed one of the greatest teams of the time, Garrincha’s Botafogo. Pepe scored twice and Coutinho and Pelé completed the score 4-1. Zagallo scored the consolation one for the carioca team. In 22 matches, Santos scored an impressive 78 goals. They won 13, drew five and lost only four games. Pelé was the top scorer of the tour with 28 goals and Pepe the second top scorer, with 20 goals. In addition to being the first, the 1959 tour was also one of the most successful that Santos has ever done in Europe. All matches from the 1959 tour23/05 – Bulgarian B team 3 x 3 Santos24/05 – Bulgarian team 0 x 2 Santos26/05 – Royal Standard-BEL 0 x 1 Santos27/05 – Anderlecht-BEL 2 x 4 Santos30/05 – Gantoise-BEL 2 x 1 Santos03/06 – Feyenoord-HOL 0 x 3 Santos05/06 – Internazionale-ITA 3 x 2 Santos06/06 – Fortuna Dusseldorf-GER 4 x 6 Santos07/06 – Nuremberg-GER 3 x 3 Santos09/06 – Servette-SWI 1 x 4 Santos11/06 – Seleção de Hamburgo-GER 0 x 6 Santos13/06 – Seleção de Niedersachsen-GER 1 x 7 Santos15/06 – Enschede-HOL 0 x 5 Santos17/06 – Real Madrid-ESP 5 x 3 Santos19/06 – Sporting-POR 2 x 2 Santos21/06 – Botafogo-RJ 1 x 4 Santos24/06 – Valencia-ESP 4 x 4 Santos26/06 – Internazionale-ITA 1 x 7 Santos29/06 – Barcelona-ESP 1 x 5 Santos30/06 – Genoa-ITA 2 x 4 Santos02/07 – Wiener Sportklub-AUS 3 x 0 Santos05/07 – Betis-ESP 2 x 2 Santos

Brigitte Bardot no Parc de Princes

On March 31, 1971, the Parc dos Princes Stadium in Paris received the Santos and a mixed team Olympic/Saint Etienne for a charitable friendly match, and the famous French actress Brigitte Bardot kicked off the match, and welcomed the athletes on the field, to the delight of more than 55 thousand people present at the stadium. As the game ended in a 0-0 tie, penalties were played to decide who would keep the commemorative cup, and Santos ended up losing 3-1. Fun fact: in the penalty shootout, Pelé scored his goal using the shirt of the French team, as he had switched jerseys with an opposing player at the end of the match, as no one knew that there would be a penalty shootout. Match Stats:31/03/1971 – Mixed Olympic Marseille/AS Saint-Etienne team (FRA) 0 (3) x (1) 0 Santos Stadium: Parc des Prince – Paris (FRA)Competition: FriendlyIncome: F$ 820.352 = US$ 164.000ASSE/OM: Carnu(Pantelic); Fariso, Lopez, Novi(Camerini), Bosquier; Gress (Bonel) and Herbin; Magnusson (Beretta), Revelli, Keita and Skobiar.Santos: Joel Mendes; Turcão, Djalma Dias, Oberdã and Rildo; Clodoaldo (Leo Oliveira) and Lima; Rogério, Douglas (Ferretti), Pelé and Edu (Abel). Coach: AntoninhoPenalties: Pelé scored; Lima, Leo Oliveira and Rildo lost (SFC); Keita, Skoblar e Bosquier scored (mixed team)