1968 – Recopa Champion (Italy)

The Recopa was created in the end of 1967, from the idea of bringing together clubs that had established themselves interclub world champions. Until then, Real Madrid (champion 1960), Peñarol-URU (champion 1961 and 1966), Santos FC (champion 1962 and 1963), Inter Milan (1964 and 1965) and Racing-ARG (champion 1967) were fit for the competition. The competition was divided into two phases: South American and European, and the champions of each stage would face each other. Santos was the champion of the South American Stage, and went to face Internazionale de Milan, as Real Madrid gave up the match, leaving the Italian team as the sole representative of Europe. The first match between Santos and Internazionale was held on June 24th, 1969, with victory of the Santos team.

The second match would be held in Brazil, but it never happened, as the Italian team claimed lack of dates, even with Alvinegro proposing the return game in Naples. According to reports at the time, Inter did not want to play the second game because they believed they would not be able to win. With the conquest of this great title, Santos won the nickname of Champion of World Champions.

06/24/1969 – Internazionale de Milan 0 x 1 Santos

Goal: Toninho Guerreiro at 11min of the second half.

Stadium: San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy.

Public: 44,774

Income: estimated at $200,000 (800,000 new cruises)

Referee: Ortiz de Mendíbil (Spain)

Internazionale: Bordon; Burgnich, Guarnieri, Cella and Poli; Bedin and Mazzola; Jair da Costa, Domenghini, Corso and Vastola. Coach: Maino Neri

Santos: Claudius (Laércio); Carlos Alberto, Ramos Delgado, Djalma Dias and Rildo; Clodoaldo and Negreiros; Toninho, Edu, Pelé, Abel. Coach: Antoninho.

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