1961 – Champion of the Paris Tournament for the second time (France)

For the second time, Santos won the Paris International Tournament, after thrashing Benfica by 6×3 on another of their great European tours.


06/15/1961 – Santos 6 x 3 Benfica-POR

Goals: Pelé [2], Pepe [2], Coutinho and Lima; Eusebio [3]

Stadium: Parc des Princes Stadium in Paris, France.

Public: 36,364

Referee: Pierre Achinte

Santos: Laércio; Mauro and Décio Brito; Getúlio, Brandão and Lima; Dorval, Mengálvio, Coutinho, Pelé and Pepe.

Benfica: Baroque; João, Angelo (Mendes) and Germano; Neto and Cruz; José Augusto, Santana (Eusebio), Águas, Coluna and Cavem.

1961 - Italy (Italy)

In the 1961 Tour through Europe, Santos also played in the Italy Tournament. The competition was composed by four Italian teams and four other guests from different countries. Divided into two groups, each team played two games, and the champions of each group faced each other in the final. Santos won the title after winning their three games with some ease, all against Italian teams.

06/24/1961 – Internazionale-ITA 1 x 4 Santos

Goals: Pepe in the 7th minute, Bolchi in the 25th minute and Coutinho in the 35th minute of the first half; Pepe at 6and Pelé at 43 minutes of the second half.

Stadium: Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, known as San Siro, in Milan, Italy.

Public: 110,000

Referee: Gambarrotta (Italy)

Santos: Laércio; Mauro and Décio Brito; Getulio, Lima and Dalmo; Dorval, Mengálvio (Zito), Coutinho, Pelé and Pepe. Coach: Lula

Internazionale: Da Pozzo (Bandoni); Guarnieri and Masiero; Picchi, Bolchi and Balleri; Bicicli, Lindskog, Hitchens, Suarez and Corso.

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