1967 - Triangular Tournament of Rome/Florence (Italy)

After a grand tour through Africa in 1967, Santos landed on the European continent for six more games. Among them was the dispute of the Triangular of Rome/Florence. Alvinegro played two matches, facing the house team. Tie with Fiorentina-ITA and victory against Roma-ITA, in the middle of the Olympic Stadium. With both results, Santos took the title and took another Cup to Vila Belmiro.


29/06/1967 – Roma-ITA 1 x 3 Santos

Goals: Toninho at 9min and Pelé in the 42nd minute of the first half; Barzon at 3:00 and Rildo 34 minutes into the second time.

Stadium: Olympic Stadium in Rome, Italy.

Public: approximately 35,000

Referee: Mário Bernardis

Rome: Pizzamala (Ginulfi); Carpenetti, Oliveri, Sensibilli and Losi; Ossola and Colaussig; Peiró, Barizon, Carpanelli and Russo.

Saints: Claudius; Carlos Alberto (Buglê), Joel Camargo, Orlando (Oberdan) and Geraldino (Rildo); Clodoaldo and Lima; Wilson (Edu), Toninho (Coutinho), Pelé and Abel (Pepe). Coach: Antoninho.

1967 – Winner of the Blue Ribbon of Brazilian Football (11 undefeated games) (Italy)

The Blue Ribbon was a title of honor awarded first by CBD (predecessor of the CBF) and then by the newspaper A Gazeta Esportiva to Brazilian clubs returning to the country undefeated after excursions abroad. In the 1967 tour, Santos finished undefeated with 10 wins in 11 games, passing through two continents (Africa and Europe) and visiting seven countries (Senegal, Gabon, Republic of congo, Democratic Republic of congo, Ivory Coast, Germany and Italy), earning the right to receive the Blue Ribbon of Football.

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