Brigitte Bardot no Parc de Princes

On March 31, 1971, the Parc dos Princes Stadium in Paris received the Santos and a mixed team Olympic/Saint Etienne for a charitable friendly match, and the famous French actress Brigitte Bardot kicked off the match, and welcomed the athletes on the field, to the delight of more than 55 thousand people present at the stadium.

As the game ended in a 0-0 tie, penalties were played to decide who would keep the commemorative cup, and Santos ended up losing 3-1.

Fun fact: in the penalty shootout, Pelé scored his goal using the shirt of the French team, as he had switched jerseys with an opposing player at the end of the match, as no one knew that there would be a penalty shootout.

Match Stats:
31/03/1971 – Mixed Olympic Marseille/AS Saint-Etienne team (FRA) 0 (3) x (1) 0 Santos

Stadium: Parc des Prince – Paris (FRA)
Competition: Friendly
Income: F$ 820.352 = US$ 164.000
ASSE/OM: Carnu(Pantelic); Fariso, Lopez, Novi(Camerini), Bosquier; Gress (Bonel) and Herbin; Magnusson (Beretta), Revelli, Keita and Skobiar.
Santos: Joel Mendes; Turcão, Djalma Dias, Oberdã and Rildo; Clodoaldo (Leo Oliveira) and Lima; Rogério, Douglas (Ferretti), Pelé and Edu (Abel). Coach: Antoninho
Penalties: Pelé scored; Lima, Leo Oliveira and Rildo lost (SFC); Keita, Skoblar e Bosquier scored (mixed team)

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