Special Uniform

Invited by Sevilla FC to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the city of Sevilla, Santos FC went to Spain, coached by Pepe, the Canhão da Vila, and prepared a special uniform for the ocasion.

The Santos team entered the field with a special black jersey, with white collars and sides. The uniform was produced exclusively for this match, and was never used again.

The game was the 16th presentation of Peixe in the Spanish territory, and Alvinegro da Vila Belmiro did not disappoint, keeping the glorious Santos traditions on European grounds.

Over 32 thousand people present saw the Santos team dominate Sevilla and win by 1-0, with a goal from Rubens Feijão. With the triumph, Peixe took home the “City of Sevilla Trophy”.

Pita, the man of the match

Santos arrived in Sevilla on the eve of the match, after traveling for more than 24 hours, and overcame all the fatigue to present a beautiful match for the Spanish people.

The Santos team dominated the home team from the first minutes of the match, and scored the winning goal at the 37th minute, through Rubens Feijão.

Clearly, Santos had the advantage against the hosts, with quick touches and exploiting the sides of the field

In the second half, already in advantage, Santos slowed down for all the fatigue, and left the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium under applauses, living up to the Santos tradition in Europe.

Match Stats:

14/10/1980 – Sevilla FC 0 x 1 Santos FC

Stadium: Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan – Sevilla (ESP)

Competição: Troféu Cidade de Sevilla (75th anniversary of Sevilla FC)

Public: 32.000

Income: 32 milhões de pesetas

Referee: Damín Rendón (ESP)

Goals: Rubens Feijão at 37’.
Santos: Marolla; Nelsinho Batista, Joãozinho, Neto and Washington; Toninho Vieira, Rubens Feijão and Pita; Claudinho (Carlos Silva), Campos and João Paulo. Coach: Pepe

Sevilla: Paéz; Blanco, Alvaréz and Sanjose; Rivas (Mimo) and Choya; Antonito, Juan Carlos, Joaquim, Ruda and Yuvi  (Murúa).

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