Olympiakos’ Anthem

Since its foundation, Santos FC has collected impressive achievements. And on the 4th of July of 1961, the Santos team performed a feat despite suffering a setback in the match.

Playing in Athens, the capital and largest city of Greece, at the Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium, Peixe was beaten by 2-1 by the main Greek team, Olympiakos. Knowing the strength of Santos and the athletes who were part of its squad, the Greek team celebrated at the end of the match, and celebrated the triumph as if it were a title.

The win over the Santos squad took on such a large proportion that the Greek leaders decided to immortalize that moment, and added Santos FC to the official anthem of Olympiacos. In other words, the Santos team is the only Club in the world to have a tribute in an official anthem of another team.

The triumph over Santos FC is considered to this day as one of the greatest achievements in Olympiacos’ history. Feats of this dimension, emphasize the greatness of Santos’ in the world of soccer.

Match Stats
04/07/1961 – Olympiakos-GRE 2 x 1 Santos
Goals: Stefanakos (against); Possidon and Surunes.
Place: Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium, in Athens, Greece.
Competition: Friendly Match
Audience: around 26.000
Referee: John Ionnidis (GRE)
Olympiakos: Theodoridis; Kabolis, Stenefakos e Simandiris; Polychroniu e Kotridis (Papazoglu); Gavetsos, K. Papazoglu, Bebis (Surunes), Sideris and Possidon.
Santos: Laércio; Getúlio e Mauro; Dalmo, Zito (Pagão) and Lima; Dorval (Sormani), Mengálvio (Formiga), Coutinho, Pelé (Bé) and Pepe. Coach: Lula

• Check out the full anthem, translated into English:

Legend of stadiums, Olympiacos

laurel-crowned, glorious and great,

your power is your fiery fans

who never yield, who never surrender.

Olympi- Olympi- Olympiacos

my best and biggest team of all,

my greatest love above everything,

my great Olympiacos

Glory to your children, Olympiacos

a thousand songs have been sung for you, you’re famous all over the world

everyone trembles at the very sound of your name

Pelé and Santos still remember your name.

Olympi- Olympi- Olympiacos

my best and biggest team of all,

my greatest love above everything,

my great Olympiacos.

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